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A patients or end user, is the person who directly uses the medical device for which the claim is being made. Home Aide Diagnostics, Inc. offers a 3 year manufacturing defect-free warranty on all of our medical devices.

A manufacturing defect is a an error in the manufacturing process deviates from the intended design.

If your product is not functioning as it is intended and described in the user manual or stops working withing the first 3 years while being used in the directed fashion, please file a claim here or Call 1-800-915-0116 to file a claim over the phone with our representatives.

After your claim has been received , one of our representatives will contact you via email or phone to confirm all information submitted. Please provide them with any additional information and/or proof that may be required to aid in expediting your claim.


  1. You must be 18yrs or older to file a replacement claim.
  2. To file a claim for a product, you must be an end user. No replacements will be sent out to a pharmacy or distributor once the product has been supplied to an end user.
  3. A proof of purchase (sales receipt, provider invoice, insurance payment...) is required to confirm that the product is within the warranty period.
    1. You will receive an email confirmation when your claim has been received requesting your proof of purchase, please reply to the confirmation with a copy of your proof of purchase.
  4. Photos of any physical damage to a medical device may be required to complete your claim.
    1. You will receive an email confirmation when your claim has been received requesting your proof of damage(s), please provide this proof of damage when you received the confirmation email from our representatives. The email will list any and all required additional items that we may need to complete your claim.
  5. Within the first 12 months of the date of purchase, your item will be replaced and mailed to you at no cost and will receive free shipping.
  6. Within 13-36 months of the date of purchase, a $10 shipping and handling fee will be required prior to shipping your replacement product.
    1. If your product is between 13 and 36 months, you will be contacted by our representatives in regards to payments, you will not be asked to submit your payment information via this form.
  7. All products must be shipped to the end user's home address.
  8. Replacements will NOT be shipped to a pharmacy or P.O. BOX.



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