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Founded in 2006, Home Aide Diagnostics, Inc. is a Florida-based import and wholesale distribution company that was founded and continues to operate in the belief that affordable home-based medical equipment and supplies should be made available to everyone.


We are devoted to producing reliable products at affordable pricing. We achieve this by importing our own brand of medical devices, which allows us to offer you the best prices on the market.


Our facility and procedures are held to the highest of standards which has allowed our company to become the first and currently only company that has successfully achieved the Over-The-Counter (OTC) Medical Device Distributor Accreditation from the National Board of Pharmacy (NABP) proving that you can trust all your medical device needs to us.

Through our wholesale distribution services we are able to provide great quality products to distributors, wholesalers, and Durable Medical Equipment companies as well as local pharmacies at unbeatable prices.


We provide companies across the United States with uncompromising reliable products. This is why we continuously strive to expand our product line to meet the demands of our clients and their patients. At present, we are providing 90 high quality medical device products. With many private label devices imported exclusively for our distributors.


We aim to stock our ever expanding warehouse with high-quality products and offer them at a low cost so that you, as our client, can continue to supply your customers with outstanding medical devices.


In an effort to further aid your business, we offer private labeling on our entire product line. By creating your own line of products you will be able to set your company apart from the rest.


Welcome, we are happy to have you on board!


NABP OTC Medical Device Distributor Accreditation
(Formerly VDIP) accredited as of November 18, 2019


The National Board of Pharmacy (NABP) OTC Medical Device Distributor program formerly known as the Verified-Accredited Device Integrity Program® (VDIP®) accreditation is for business entities that distribute diagnostic over-the-counter (OTC) medical devices that may be dispensed pursuant to a prescription. To become VDIP-accredited and display the VDIP Seal, business entities must undergo a criteria compliance review, which includes both off- and on-site reviews of the business entity’s policies and procedures and operations.


Home Aide Diagnostics, Inc. has earned NABP®‘s OTC Medical Device Distributor Accreditation. We are also the first  Facility to have received this accreditation. As of November 18, 2019 the NABP  awarded Home Aide Diagnostics, Inc the first VDIP accreditation. On January 15, 2020, the NABP has posted a press release documenting this wonderful news.


Please read the full article here: "NABP Announces First VDIP-Accredited Facility"


OptumRx has made it mandatory for pharmacies to buy diabetic test strips from NABP authorized wholesalers or distributors only in order to claim for reimbursement. Please go here for a list of all of our authorized distributors.



Current Licenses

Issuing State Type of License License Number Expiration Date
USA NABP Verified Accredited Device Integrity Program® (VDIP®) N/A Re-accreditation in progress
Arizona Wholesaler Non-Prescription Permit W002897 10/31/2023
Connecticut Wholesale of drugs, cosmetics & medical devices CSW.0003872 6/30/2023
Florida | Broward County Wholesale/Distributor 378-8235 9/30/2023
Florida | Deefield Beach City Wholesale Trade/Merchant 20-00026775 9/30/2023
Florida Resale Certificate for Sales Tax 16-8015076714-0 12/31/2022
Idaho OTC Products / Legend Medical OTC43710 12/31/2022
Kansas Non-Prescription Drug Distributor 6-101888 6/30/2023
Michigan Manufacturer/Wholesaler License Application 5306004828 6/30/2024
New Jersey Drug and Medical Device Certificate of Registration 5005088 1/31/2023
Oregon Wholesaler III Registration W3-0000149 9/30/2023
Utah Pharmacy - Class C 10177256-1710 9/30/2023

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