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Home Aide Diabetes Management System is a Windows-based software program that provides an easy way for you to manage your blood glucose.

The Health Care System Software is a personal computer (PC) software application that provides users to upload test data from meters, store the data in the Health Care System application and analyze the data by graphs and other software tools. The information analyzed can provide users and healthcare professionals to better control and manage blood glucose.

This software provides you the following functions:

     - Transmit blood glucose results from a meter to your PC.
     - Use electric data instead of a log book.
     - Present the trends and statistics of test results.
     - Share your data with your doctors.

The Diabetes Management System Software is intended for use in home and clinical settings as an aid for people with diabetes and their health care professionals to review, analyze and evaluate the historical test results to support health management effectively.

Steps to Install Diabetes Management System

     1) If you have plugged the cable into the PC please unplug it.

     2) Click here to download the USB Adapter Driver and click RUN.

     3) Please wait until the software is downloaded to your machine. It will be displayed on your screen to inform you that the PL-2303 USB-to-Serial driver will be installed on your computer. Wait until the InstallShield Wizard informs you that driver installation is successfully installed. Click the Finish button to close the InstallShield program.

     4) Click here to download the Diabetes Management System and click RUN.

     5) Please wait until the software is downloaded to your machine
. Accept the suggestion of destination folder or click Browse to specify another location. Then click ” Install” button to extract all files and execute the file "setup.exe". The Diabetes Management System Installation will be displayed on your screen. Click Next to continue and start the installation. Once the installation is successful, the “Installation Complete” screen displays.

Using Diabetes Management System

     1) When the meter is off, connect the one end of the interface cable to the meter data port. Connect the other end of the interface cable to the USB port on your PC. “PC” will be shown on the blood glucose meter. The communication between the meter and your PC is ready.

     2) Open the program. The HOME AIDE Diabetes Management System icon appears on your desktop.

     3) To make communication effectively, check the instrument and the communication port number first. If you do not know the exact communication number, you can select “Autodetection”, the software will try to locate the correct communication port where the meter connects the software.


What it can do

1. Download Menu

In this menu, a step-by-step screen guides you to download data from your meter.

2. Data Menu

You can review blood glucose data (BG data) or blood pressure data (BP data) in tabular form under this menu.

3. Graph Menu

You can review blood glucose data (BG data) or blood pressure data (BP data) in graphic form under this menu.

4. Print Menu

You can print a report in this menu.

5. Setting Menu

You can do personal setting, instrument setting and software setting in this menu.

6. Add new users

This button is to create new User Profiles in the system.

7. Current user

This is a drop-down list and up to 50 users can be included in the system.

8. Help button

This button provides you context help when you meet the operation question about this system.

9. Minimize button

This button helps you to minimize the system window.

10. Close button

This button helps you to exit from the current system.



     - The  Diabetes Management System does not recommend your therapy instruction. Before determining and using the blood glucose report, please consult your physician’s suggestion
     - To avoid the possibility of electrical shock, never perform a blood glucose test while the meter is connected to the computer.
     - Upload data into a user’s name only if the meter contains only that person’s data. The software cannot upload a specific portion of data from a meter if data is intermixed with the data from another person.
     - The  Diabetes Management System optimum resolution 1024 * 768 pixels,and ensure that the monitor's color depth is set to less than 24-bit in the Display control panel